Sheet Bender and Sheet Bending Press – Equipment for Sheet Metal Bending


CJSC "NZGP" manufactures and supplies sheet bending presses, manual sheet benders, bending machines. Rapidly growing demand for roofing precast components, sections, cylinders and cones, cases and boxes, shells and tubes causes upgrading of metalworking industry. Manufacturers try to boost productivity by means of high-tech innovations. That provides popularity of our bending equipment, which is used in such spheres as agriculture, gas and oil industry, public utilities and power engineering – items produced using the bending machines are needed everywhere.


The sheet bender or sheet bending press is a device produced by CJSC "NZGP" required for making finished parts of metal workpieces by bending sheet metal.


Bending equipment is divided into the following groups according to the drive type:

• Mechanic

• Pneumatic

• Manual

• Hydraulic


Sheet bending presses from Nelidovsky Hydraulic Press Plant comply with all regulations and standards of modern bending to ensure precision of all produced components during all their service life.

Reliability of our units is a result of:

• Sticking to all engineering regulations while producing load-bearing structures

• Usage of high-quality construction materials

• Usage of parts from leading manufacturers

The range of bending presses from Nelidovsky Hydraulic Press Plant helps to complete a wide variety of tasks.


Sheet bending presses: general description


The sheet bending press is a machine creating an effort required to bend components of roll and sheet metal. Its characteristicparametersare as follows:

• Working length

• Generated force

• Cross-beam travel range

• Operating convenience

• Optional devices

• Programming system

• Bending angle sensor

• Distance between housing posts

Pneumatic, mechanical, “manual” (for individual and small-scale production) and hydraulic sheet bending presses have become very popular in domestic production. The mechanical bending press is based on the crank mechanism powered by the crossbeam drive together with flywheel energy. Hydraulic and pneumatic presses use hydraulic oil pressure and air pressure respectively as the energy source. The operating principle of the sheet bender with a swiveling beam is the following: the upper beam presses a workpiece to the worktable, and the swiveling beam is turned relative to the position of the bending tool installed on the worktable.


 Sheet bender applications


Sheet benders are used in manufacturing parts by bending metal sheets without preliminary heating, and for strip bar and sheet material shaping.

Special tools provide for the following operations:

• Bending of complex-shaped parts and elements in one pass

• Radial bending

• Punching

• Stamping and many other operations

Due to the method of cold bending the bending machines are always popular among representatives of small and medium business and large plants. For instance, in civil and industrial machine building, in small fitting shops, outdoor advertisement production, etc. Bending presses consists of the bending beam, frame, clamping beam, backstop and drive. Furthermore, the machines can be equipped with additional devices to use them for the production of complex-shaped components. Sheet bending equipment, as well as all the products from Nelidovsky Hydraulic Press Plant are supplied from the warehouse in Nelidovo. However, if necessary, machines and equipment can be delivered quickly in any place in the CIS or Russia for a reasonable price.


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IB1430B Sheet Bending Press

Press capacity 100 tons, Table length 4000 mm

IB1431B sheet bending press

Press capacity 125 tons, Table length 4000 mm