Horizontal Hydraulic Press


Horizontal hydraulic press is a hydraulic press units with horizontal construction.


Where to apply?


The most popular horizontal presses are those that used to recycle various waste. Usually it is waste paper (paper and carton garbage), textile production waste (pieces of fabric), composition material, plastic, tin waste, etc.


Structure and operating principle


Disposal-type horizontal presses are generally huge units. Just to compare: some of them need half of a room only, while another ones – half of a flat. Due to huge mass, the horizontal hydraulic press is not a unit to be moved a lot. That is why when the plant needs such a unit it is installed in some storeroom permanently. The construction is similar to the same of a usual hydraulic press supplied with external pressing plate, which is the main feature of disposal units. It moves in a horizontal direction in horizontal presses.




Advantages of such units are evident. It is waste processing. Production of items and packages of recyclable materials is getting more popular in Russia, so secondary raw materials can be also a source of income. Advantage of horizontal press is a possibility to automate the process fully, including binding of raw material stack (in vertical presses it can be done only manually).


P7228 Horizontal Press

Press capacity 630 kN, drive power 4 kW

P7230 Horizontal Press

Press capacity 1000 kN, drive power 5,5 kW

P7232 Horizontal Press

Press capacity 1600 kN, drive power 7.5 kW

P7234 Horizontal Press

Press capacity 2500 kN, drive power 15 kW

P7236 specifications

Press capacity 4000 kN, drive power 18.5 kWt
Horizontal Press
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