Industrial Hydraulic Presses (Hydraulic Rams), Garage Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses are devices for material processing with the help of pressure created by fluids.

How does it work?

The machine operation principle is based on Pascal’s law. It states that pressure exerted anywhere in a fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid. Therefore, the construction purpose is to apply certain pressure on the piston that in turn will apply pressure on the workpiece to form it. A typical hydraulic press consists of 3 main mechanisms: power (hydraulic unit), transfer (hydraulic liquid) and actuation (hydraulic cylinder).

Processing capabilities

The equipment is classified as forging machinery and is a unique unit. The most popular application is stamping parts from blanks. To understand press capabilities better, there are some examples of other processing types: sizing, broaching, pressing-out, straightening, sheet-metal forming, drawing, bending…This is not a full list. Depending on workpiece sizes, hydraulic presses can be either huge units (e.g. shop-size), or small compact modules (e.g. a garage hydraulic press). Large units are used in mechanical engineering and for railway equipment repair, while small presses you can easily apply in your private shops.

Classification and types

Depending on a design type, hydraulic presses can be horizontal and vertical. Vertical ones are high narrow units, and sometimes the ceiling height in a room for it must be at least 2.5 m. Horizontal-design units can press not only in vertical direction (conventional compression type when the piston moves downwards), but also horizontally. However, it would be a mistake to believe that only a certain type/kind/model of the hydraulic press will fit for a required operation. Currently these machines are versatile units produced in different designs with a wide set of functions. For instance, a hydraulic press for car services is designed in both vertical and horizontal variants.

DE2428 Hydraulic Press

Press capacity 63 tons, Table size 630 х 560 mm

DE2430 Hydraulic Press

Press capacity 100 tons, Table size 710 х 630 mm

DЕ2432 Hydraulic Press

Press capacity 1600 kN, Table size 800 х 710 mm

DЕ2434 Hydraulic Press

Press capacity 2500 kN, Table size 1120 х 1000 mm

DЕ2436 Hydraulic Press

Press capacity 4000 kN, Table size 1250 х 1120 mm



Industrial Hydraulic Presses
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